“Tale of the Scyphozoa,” or “Our First Final Friday”

Photo:  Ty Nigh

Photo: Ty Nigh

Upon moving from Japan to Wichita, KS we were a little worried what the city would hold for us.  There are no mountains, ocean, or major concert venues.  The first few months, we asked anyone who crossed our path, “What do you do for fun?”  To our surprise the response from the masses was (other than drinking), Broadway shows, film festivals, an array of art & music festivals, galleries, and (the highly spoken of) Final Friday.”

Last summer we ventured out to see what Final Friday was all about & we were pleasantly surprised!  The last Friday of every month, businesses around the downtown area host an artist of their choice to display their art.  From 5-9 you hop from one ‘gallery’ to the next exploring the local artists’ displays.  Sipping on wine or PBR’s you are exposed to everything from pottery, jewelry, paintings, up-cycled car art, & even the one-of-a-kind Lamp House Photo Booth!  The exhibition we found at the Go Away Garage, really caught our eye.  The artist was Alex Walker.  His art was eye-popping, and we were really intrigued by his unique style.  Unfortunately, the pieces we were interested in were already sold.  While the artist was talking to other attendees, we watched the movie he had set up playing time lapses of his painting process.  It was so neat we probably watched it twice.  Finally we had a chance to chat with him & inquired if he’d be willing to do a custom piece.

The next thing we knew, he & his lovely lady Stacy Renee were in our apartment scaling out the wall space & chatting over what the possibilities were.  Having just come from the seaside life of the West Pacific we decided that we wanted an ocean scene with multiple panels stacked vertically.  The rest was left up to Alex’s imagination.  I dug out a bunch of pieces of shells, coral, & pictures of some of our underwater photography just to give him some ideas.  We shared a beer and then parted ways.

Soon, Alex started sending us updates of the piece in progress.  It was hard to picture as we went along, but we were definitely excited for the final piece!  Life & work took over all of our schedules, so it wasn’t until this past week we were all finally able to meet up again for the exchange!  With all of the pieces lying on the floor, we delegated where it would fit best.  So many options, spaces, & ideas.  We decided that it would be best showcased on our main wall.  We have previously installed a gallery style wire hanging system from AS Hanging Systems, and found it very easy to rearrange in order to accommodate the 10 foot tall piece.  What do you think??

–Erica =)



Be sure to check out Alex’s and Stacy’s Facebook pages to see some more pieces, and find out about upcoming exhibitions.  Hit the Subscribe button to stay tuned here at Rogue Images Blog and learn more about how we installed and use our AS Hanging System!

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