Our 2016 Calendar is Ready!

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Front Cover

Hey Guys,

Here’s our Rogue Images 2016 Calendar! We’ve spent the year working really hard (AKA going on fun adventures) to make these photos for you to display in your work-space or home. This year all of the photos are from the US and Central America. There are some great shots from Costa Rica, Acadia NP, Yosemite NP, Kansas, and Colorado.  We’ve also polled our friends and family to include some quotes to inspire you throughout the year.

We’ve ordered a bundle o’ these, Continue reading

“Tale of the Scyphozoa,” or “Our First Final Friday”

Photo:  Ty Nigh

Photo: Ty Nigh

Upon moving from Japan to Wichita, KS we were a little worried what the city would hold for us.  There are no mountains, ocean, or major concert venues.  The first few months, we asked anyone who crossed our path, “What do you do for fun?”  To our surprise the response from the masses was (other than drinking), Broadway shows, film festivals, an array of art & music festivals, galleries, and (the highly spoken of) Final Friday.”

Last summer we ventured out to see what Final Friday Continue reading

New Look for Thrive Outdoors!

Thrive-Header w topoHey Rogues!  We’ve spent some time re-imagining one of our other pursuits.  It’s called the Thrive Outdoors Culture Journal.  If you haven’t made it by to check it out, now is a perfect time!  There’s a whole new look, a new article, and some big plans for the summer.  Click the logo below to head over and get stoked!  Give us a shout on FB, too =).


Do More Than Just Survive…  THRIVE!Thrive-Logo1

Rogue Exposure- Post Rock Country

jaw_20130618-img_9197-lPost Rock Country…

Last summer I embarked on a virgin road trip aboard my new (to me) dual-sport motorcycle.  I strapped down some gear, pointed West, and tore-ass out of Wichita to meet family for a hike in Colorado.  As I was buzzing down a small Kansas highway, my overloaded KLR 650 giving all she had, I started to see fence posts…  But no ordinary fence posts like I was accustomed to in Wyoming…  These were all stubby, square, and white…  I kept whipping my head to the side to try and get a good focus on one.  Eventually, I just had to pull on over for a close inspection. Continue reading

The New Site– Unveiled!

photo(5)It’s been a long while since we’ve had a chance to spend some quality time on the Rogue Images website.  Well, after some serious thought and time, we are proud to announce that a completely reconstructed, re-imagined, re-inspired, website is now live for you to feast your eyes upon!  A lot of you have been with us and encouraged us since the beginning when we were posting over-processed point-&-shoot images from our travels and adventures.  Some of you are new, and are hopefully drawn into our ever developing photographic eyes.  To all of you, we say THANKS!  Both of us love the act of photography, but your support is really what keeps us uploading the pixels. Continue reading